Few minutes far away from Concepción you will be able to get closer to one of the most exciting charpters in Chile and Biobio region’s history. Since 1852, Arauco gulf received the main fortunes in the country in order to develop coal industry, abundant in that area and the most appreciated mineral at that time, driver for vapor transportation (trains and ships). Through time industry grew and developed the cities of Lota and Coronel as a consequence of the requirement of workforce for extracting coal.

At lota you will be able to get involved in a past full of effort, suffering and progress which marked a great amount of workers and inhabitants. When Pablo Neruda visited the city and their houses he wrote is spanish “… People from Lota and Coronel are next to a sad sea, a grey hoarse sea from the coasts in the south of Chile. A story related to the struggle and suffering which covers life from this people, the untamable coal heroes. I have seen them getting out from the depth, sooties and tired, heading to their inhumane suburbs”.

But this city which extends next to pacific coast after the definite close of mining extraction at the end of XX Century is trying to change its fate. And have found tourism as a way to develop and transform in terms of economical reconversion.

Knowing Lota, the city hall with the greatest amount of monuments recognized as heritage and historical monuments is getting closer to one of the most passioning charpters in more than 150 years of history. Its buildings – most of them ruined – are one of the most important attractions in this destination combining heritage with its refreshing air, its gastronomy and its kind people.


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