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Casa de Salud

If you ask a resident where to you listen to live music in Concepción, he or she would undoubtedly recommend you “Casa de Salud”. It is known as the most important bar in the region and a remarkable cultural space for spreading Concepcion´s artistic avant-garde. It has five areas in which you can not only see the best local musicians and some renowned bands, but also art exhibitions, antiques, photographs, sculptures and even drama.

Casa de salud is undoubtedly a multidisciplinary project in which art, culture and entertainment join together.

It currently has three areas with different proposals transforming it in a must for residents and tourists from Biobio region.

MAIN AREA: It has a stage for bands which play live and then it transforms into a bigger space for cds parties. It has resident dj´s who take turns for transforming every night into a different party.

GERIATRIC UNIT: It is undoubtedly the most indulgent area in “The House”. A nice environment with armchairs recovered from the old “Teatro Romano” and tables and couches resembling our home´s living room. It has a small stage in the floor level for live shows of acoustic music, classical music, dance theatre and performances. After such shows it also transforms into a dance floor with dj´s in the turntables and a very special party right for this space.

HALL OF FAME: This area is devoted to the most avant-garde  trends in electronic music. Frequently visited by local, national and international artists, it has transformed into one of the greatest places for those who love electronic music. Not just audience but also artists who visit the area.

It also has 2 areas for smokers.





  • Location: Brasil 574, Concepción.
  • Web: Ver web
  • Time: Opened from Wednesday to Saturday. On Wednesdays it opens at 20:00
  • Price: Free before midnight

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