Bike adventure

Discover new landscapes and direct all your energy over a bike, that is part form which is offered in different destinations along the region. Outdoors adventure trails, either in Ninhue´s hills, surrounding Lanalhue Lake, or taking the circuits at Nevados de Chillán BikePark located in Valle las Trancas. An adventure from every kind and for all interests.

Companies which provide the service:

  • Nahuelbike:
  • BackChillan:
  • Verdetour:
  • BikePark: BikePark

Waterfalls Route

Live the most fascinating adventure at the beautiful Salto del Laja. A route which pretends show tourists and unknown landscape in the area with natural beauties and a wide variety of almost unexplored places. If you love trekking we are sure you will love this itinerary.

High Mountain

Biobio´s region geographical conditions make this an ideal place for performing high mountain activities. Diverse landscapes provided by the Andes Range in summits such as those from Antuco Volcano, Chillán  Volcano or Alto Biobío, as well as the enigmatic Nahuelbuta coastal range which are compulsory post cards for those who love extreme nature. Rock walls, snow, ice or mixtrures; snowed areas and even glaciers are part of what you can find at Biobio Region.

Companies which provide this service:

  • Defos Sport:
  • Vertiseg: fb/VertiSeg
  • Nevados de Chillán:

The best trekkings

Your best adventure in nature is waiting for you a few hours far away from Concepción. Diverse trails such as those from Valle de Aguas Calientes at Valle las Trancas or even walking along railway tunnels bordering the coast such as the one from Punta de Parra at Tomé, those are some places in which you can practice trekking with different levels of difficulty. Laguna del Laja Natural Park located in Antuco also has diverse trails which even are planned for tourists who can not move very much, as well as trails heading to almost unknown lagoons and beautiful waterfalls.

Companies which provide this service:

  • Andeaë Expediciones Andinas:
  • Agua Morena: fb/AguaMorenaSaltosdelLaja
  • Declive Antuco: fb/Declive
  • Deporte Turismo:
  • Trek Andino:
  • Vertiseg: fb/VertiSeg
  • Nevados de Chillán:


Navigating water streams with boats (canoes and kayak), guided, maneuvered and propelled by oars. This activity is performed in different places along the region in which you can pass from the peaceful waters from Lanalhue lake, San Pedro lagoon or Avendaño lagoon at Quillón to rivers such as Biobío or even offshore. Fun activity for kids and adults in which you can also enjoy nature.

Companies which provide this service:

  • Bio Park:
  • Huella Sur:
  • Lenga Expeditions: fb/EcoturismoLengaExpeditions
  • Mafül Adventure: fb/mafulnadventure
  • Monte Verde: fb/canopymonteverde
  • Prosub: fb/prosubltda

Off Road

If you want to get to almost unknown, remote areas difficult to access and where contact with nature is the main component, Off Road trips in 4×4 vehicles are a different and attractive alternative. Remote places at Nahuelbuta range; such as Piedra del Aguila (Eagle Rock), as well as Yani Dunes in Arauco, or diverse routes in Santa Bárbara, are some alternatives for those who love adventures on wheels.

Companies which provide this service:

  • Uniland Chile:
  • Loncopangue Aventura:

Autonomous recreational diving

Live the experience of knowing the marvels hidden at Biobio coasts in a guided excursion of recreational diving at beaches and strategical points in the Region. Punta de Parra, Talcahuano or Hualpén’s Peninsula are some alternatives in which this attractive service is provided.

Companies which provide this service:

Prosub: fb/prosubltda


Getting down along a vertical surface with a rope and a harness is a good adventure, but doing it next to a waterfall is pure emotion. An activity which combines the best from sports with the adrenaline of water over your body. This can be practiced at Valle las Trancas, Antuco or even Concepción Province.

Companies which provide this service:

  • Vertiseg: fb/VertiSeg
  • Nevados de Chillán:

Canopy and tree top walk

At the region there are several alternatives for this adventure sport in which you will be able to move with a Steel rope, a harness and a pulley close to the tree tops or mountains. There are remarkable areas such as Quillón, Lanalhue Lake, Antuco and Valle Las Trancas. At Valle Hermoso – in Nevados de Chillán- you can even live the adventure “flying” over a landscape covered in snow. Tree top walk is also an activity which can be perfectly combines and connects directly with nature in the highs

Companies which provide this service:

  • Altos de Malalcura:
  • Campo Extremo:
  • Ayekantun:
  • VerdeTour:
  • Canopy Playa Blanca:
  • Ecoturismo La Invernada: fb/ecoturismo.lainvernada
  • BioPark:
  • Monte Verde: fb/canopymonteverde
  • Vertiseg: fb/VertiSeg
  • Nevados de Chillán:


Snow is not only related to the practice of ski or snowboarding, there are also some other fun alternatives in the valley such as renting snow bikes or move in sleighs pulled by Alaskan Malamute dogs, ideal for those who love animals, adventure and mountain. The practice known as mushing began as a mean of transportation in Nordic regions, in which pull dogs and a sleigh were used for moving over snowed surfaces.

Companies which provide this service:

  • Termas de Chillán:

Horseback Riding in the mountain

At Alto Biobío range, Valle las Trancas, San Fabián or Antuco, communities show their culture, gastronomy and traditions offering horseback riding in areas which has a high value regarding culture and landscape. You can have a unique experience in routes which take one or more days, camping in rustic places surrounded by vegetation, lagoons and volcanoes.

Companies which provide this service:

Nautical rides

A quiet journey, with stories and views from new perspectives is what nautical rides offer. They are performed in different areas in the region. Navigating in boats along areas such as Dichato or Tomé, a historical and cultural experience along Talcahuano and Tumbes coasts, or a journey in water mirrors such as Lanalhue lake at Arauco Province. A fun way for enjoying as a family.

Companies which provide this service:

  • Lanchas Buenaventura:
  • Stella Maris: fb/Stellamaris
  • Lenga Expeditions: fb/LengaExpedition
  • MonteVerde: fb/MonteVerde
  • Mi Paulita: fb/TurismoMiPaulita

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